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Would make fantastic, unusual Christmas or Birthday presents.



















*An Ancestor fighting at The battle of Trafalgar.
*Another may have helped fund Piracy.
*An Actress who appeared on stage with Flanagan and Alan.
*Builders of Theatres.

These are just a few Characters from The Landlady of The Nags Head and her Partner Rogers Family Tree uncovered by Historian Brian Woods.

How is this for a small world!
Flossy and Roger found out that regular Richard Dalton's step great grandfather Harry Champion worked in the same act as Enid Lowe in the London Rhapsody of 1937.

In one scene from the play, the horse guards with Nervo and Knox as the life guardsman who descend from their horses to assist the “L.C.C – short handed”. Those first rate gymnasts the Ganjou and Juanitas” the gipsy boys”  band from Budapest, the character singing of Enid Lowe and Henry Carlisle, and the appearance of the old comedian Harry Champion, and the wit of the book are other features in this remarkable entertainment.

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Interested in finding your ancestors! then please contact
Brian Woods on 01255 508629 or email